Gamma Ray Burst is a Toronto based motion design boutique with expertise in motion graphics, design, video production and illustration.

We provide creative services with an emphasis on strong visual design, fluid storytelling and beautiful end products.
Who are we?
Gamma Ray Burst is led by Jason Kan and Paul Reiss, two of the core motion designers from the now dissolved design consultancy Teehan+Lax. Each with over 10 years in the field, they have worked on hundreds of creative projects for some of the most influencial brands in the world.

Established in 2016, Gamma Ray Burst was created to fill a void in creative production, focusing on projects that strive to balance rich and engaging visual content with moderate budgets and intense timelines.
What’s in a name?
Gamma Ray Bursts are regarded as the most energetic, bright, and destructive forces in the known universe. It seemed a fitting namesake for the work we aim to produce. It also speaks to our interest in the cosmos.
Why work with us?
We're dedicated to creating both beautiful and meaningful work. We love what we do and aim to improve our craft with every project. Our team is small so we are able to work closely with clients and dedicate ourselves to the project at hand, drawing from our past work experience and looking to innovate wherever possible.

Our founding partners have a wealth of experience working with clients large and small across various industries. They have personally worked with the brands featured below.
Our Work
What we offer
We’re well versed in the whole creative process from start to finish. That means we can walk you through things step by step, starting from conception and ideation all the way through to final polished product. We’re also used to jumping onto a project mid-way and tackling very specific challenges falling in our area of expertise.
3D Modeling
Motion Graphics
Post Production
Sound Design
UI Design
Video Editing